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"Politics is not, like marbles, a game played for sport. It is a game played for keeps, a game in which the stakes are high. The way the game is played and who wins effect every citizens and perhaps even his children and grandchildren ~ V. O. Keys


AU: Shopping with Zayn

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Cutie Patotie <3

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When you pass a Pol. Sci. 100



More epicfunniest?

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1D for Asda Direct

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One Direction at Brit Awards 2014 (19/02)

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Before I was in the band I was massively gut-wrenchingly nervous whenever I was gonna do something on stage, but now it transferred from nerves into excitement. I’m more like excited and buzzed up to go on stage. But I still get the same rush and I still get the same buzz.

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That awkward moment when you feel like your falling in a dream!



and you wake up like this


then check if anybody watched even if you are alone


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